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>> thank you. milpitas police warning the public about another brazen child abduction attempt. police say a man resemblinging a sketch given, we don't have that for you now grabbed the hand of a child and tried to walk away with the boy. the mother started to yell, the man let go. he's scribed as an asian man, about 50 or 60 years old. he weighs about 200 pounds. air hair. >> authorities issued an emergency safety order grounding boeing's newest 787 airlines. this only applies to 87 -- 787s by u.s. carriers meaning united. an emergency 787 landing
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yesterday convinced two largest airlines to ground the dream liners. that is yesterday. there was smoke coming from the battery area at least the second time that this happened. the faa says it wep will work to get the problem remained. boeing stock stopped 3% after the safety order was announced. >> you're looking at the dramatic rescue of a driver who lost control a truck at fish ranch road. witnesses say the truck appeared to lose breaks on that road, hit a slope, dumped a load of a cut down tree. sky 7 hd was also there. the road is clesd from highway 24 to grisly peak boulevard. >> the wife of a man found shot to death outside of a home in san jose is begging witnesses to come forward to help find the killer. the 34-year-old was found dead january 6th.
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his death was the first homicide of the year in san jose. he says he grew up there and worked as a barber. she's now a single mother of a 5-year-old girl. >> she is asking for him. and i don't have answers for her. very hard. >> you want people to see something like this. you know? they're leaving behind a wife, a 5-year-old daughter. this is very difficult to pick up pieces and move on. >> police say they do not have a motive or suspects but are working on this case. >> tonight the president is urging congress to require background checks for all gun sales and approve a ban on military assault weapons. president aimed orders do not require congressional approval. the president says they will increase access to mental health services. the proposals compiled by a task force led by the vice president formed after connecticut school tragedy.
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>> americans of every background stand up and say enough. we suffered too much and care too much about our children to allow this to continue and then, change will come. >> that is what it's going to take. >> the president allies are dampening expectations on key components of the law. rules that the ban on assault weapons. >> here in california new legislation is been announced to protect the try pri vassy of citizen who's choose to legally own a firearm after a journalist published names and addresses of thousands of new yorker was gun permits. nanette? >> well, california already has an assault weapons ban and a 10 round limit on ammunition. state lawmakers here want to do more.c >> we're lightntnuç years ahead. >> the brady campaign
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considers california having the toughest laws in the country. still, the newtown, connecticut massacre is prompting lawmakers to propose measure goesing further than the president's package of reforms. state senator wants california to do background checks on people before they buy ammunition and require a perm dwroit proceed with the sale. >> ammunition is the fuel that eedz feeds violence in the neighborhoods. >> a new proposal seeks to shield address and phone numbers of californians carrying concealed weapons, law enforcement would still have access to the information. yo victim crim nals to go to steal gournz find a family to target. >> there is no compelling public safety reason or any reason for criminals to have a shopping list of who does, and does not, own a firearm. >> it's horrific. >> as a teenager, matt gray survived an attack on five
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family members and friends oo. i got shot here. >> gray thinks more gun control is a wrong approach. >> we should be investing in mental health services and fully investing in the healthy development of our children,omoz making sure bullying is stamped out and that everything we need to develop healthy human beings is being provided for. >> the president's package includes the expansion of mental health services. the state senate president heading to washington, d.c. to offer model as one the nation can follow under prop 63, millionaires taxed more to pay for mental health services. flif sacramento, abc 7 news. >> thank you, authorities will continue with the event scheduled for monday, they don't have any cash to pay people. they went through $43,000 during a buy back yesterday. take a look at that. that is some of the 827 guns
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collected. after running out of cash, authorities handed out vouchers for the rest of the day. right now, the count gee trying to raise money to fund those vouchers. they expect to hand out more on monday. >> three americans have been taken hostage by militants in al gearia in a bp oil field. about 20 armed militants facility in unremarks cars. the government in algeria says two people were killed in the assault. soldiers since surrounded the living facility. the president is in talks to discuss plns on how to deal with this. >> redwood school officials settled for a $1 million for a family whose special needs child was attacked by a teacher. a teacher kicked the 5-year-old boy and berailted him. a judge convicted her of child abuse. the school superintendent said
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holder has been transferred out of the classroom and will have to resign at the end of the school year. >> governor brown is crushing for moron line courses throughout california college systems. he made himself heard today in san francisco. and explaining what the plan tb7uight. with moon that is the regents hope to make college more accessible bringing in more revenue. the president of the"(tzr uc sym says we're at a turningmñ point. california no longer has means to support the uc system the wait has for decades. instead, he said it's time to embrace other ways of safing and making money, enter online course autos so there is no
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luxury of sitting in the present trajectory unless you don't mind paying ever increasing tuition. >> the uc system offers 200 courses to under graduate and graduate students and attempted to reach out to nonuc students charging between $1400 and $2400 per class but it had little success. >> there have been failure as long the way. there are failures at columbia, illinois, other institutions. >> but promised within the next two months, the system will present a new program to develop moron line courses. >> i think those possibilities that give us the pose yifblt cross subsidizing our traditional bricks and mortar campus deliver rif uc quality. >> the regents heard from experts in the field of online
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system. >> we've thrown out sports, clubs, volunteerism, student leadership. i learned more than i do inside of the classroom. >> he said with more students applying every year, the courses would give those who can't get in the same quality education. >> how do we serve them? >> that is right. >> and admit them from community colleges. >> people will learn more and it will be cheaper in the long run. it's a powerful claim. we're not there yet. >> the i'd why to begin pairing faculty with instructional designers. the governor says it's time to reshape the landscape of higher education. >> thank you, leanne. >> coming up[jañç here, michael
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finney explains why you could see a spike in gas prices that could last several months. >> a bathroom eno vacation that cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars belonging to a member of the president's cabinet. >> in the accu-weather forecast center i'm theer show you where temperatures will rise into mid-60s soon. my accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> and i'm vic lee. surf isy9xdup.
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ñ ñ,ñprpry"it a man covered in flames after a fire at pier 47. this is the location shown by sky 7 hd. this happened just after 1:00
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p.m. francis burn unit. another man treated for minor injuries. >> late today oakland police released a search of a man they're looking for. take a look at what we want to show you here. a woman says she's walking on east 12th street back in december, this man grab grabbed her from behind. he tried to pull her into a car with three other men inside shechl got way. police say to call them immediately if you recognize this man. >> a man accused of raping and robbing a woman in her apartment was arraigned today, facing nine felony counts. police say he rushed up to the victim as she entered her residence, threw her on the floor and sexual assaulted her. jones was arrested minutes later with the help of a chp helicopter. >> u.s. interior secretary announced today that he will
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be leaving his post this march that. can on the same day a tv station released first photos of the bathroom in the interior secretary's office. the bathroom underwent a $220,000 renovation between 2007 and 2009 when the job was under president bush. it includes a $3500 subzero refrigerator and a $690 fawcett paid for by taxpayers. word came tonight lite in 2009. photos surfacing only today obtain tlud a freedom of information act request. >> well, speaking of things that cost a penny, cost of gas it/sm going up again. >> michael finney is here with consumer news tonight. >> california emergency commission says don't be surprised if you see a jump in gas prices, prices typically rise during first four months of the year, that is when they make a winter and summer
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blend. two types of fuel adjust in order to release lugs. maintenance means costs that seems to be done early in the year as well. prices fluctuate every year. in the past have gone up from six cents to 70 cents per gallon between january and april. no word on what the price increase will be:4g2ñ this year. justice may be blind but it's not free. that is proven today when governor brown proposed raising fees for going to court. among possible increases, you may be charged more to fight a traffic ticket by mail and may cost you $1 per good page ilg to make copies of court records. the districter says that puts a huge burden on anyone trying to use the courts in creasingly supports is coming from what is user fees.
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because it is fines and fees. that pay for the construction program and now, increasingly are being used to keep the lights on and to pay for the staff so courts can run. >> courts reduced hours of services after lugs millions in funding over the past few years. here is a reminder for anyone using instagram. changes to terms of service take affect saturday. you may recull the uproar when they announced new term owes that could allow your personal photos to be sold for ads. and they won't have needed your permission to give you payments. many revolted and intsagram backed off. they do allow them to share photo was your parent company, facebook. you can make your account
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private. if you're involved with social immediate yark it's keeping up. >> slippery slope, man. >> the maverick surfing competition is on. >> it means servers are working on it now. >> vic lee is live with the story nice tee shirt. >> hi. that is what it's all about. the organization nizers say sunday will be the perfect day to catch a wave. now, they'll be a full field of some of the best surfers coming here for that all day event. surf is up. it will be exsilting dangerous unpredictable. the surfers take on the raw power of the sea. organizers have been tracking for days now.
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jeff clark owns the surf shop and says weather models look great. >> i think the waves are going to be from 30 feet plus. so... it's a strong swell because it's come perfect a long distance away. it will be -- man,nsá0ñ it's powerful. >> photographer doug acton has been shooting the event eight years its not going tok like, giant. it's gg to be solid and giving athletes a chance to show what they've got. >> 24 of the best surfers will be going against strong currents and jagged rocks to ride big waves. s. one of the beneficiaries. >> people like being next to the surf shop. >> the harbor bar suffered along with other businesses
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last year when mavericks was cancelled because waves didn't meet minimum standards. the festival held anyway but wasn't the same. >> they did it like opening ceremony type of thing. it wasn't asg>!"big of an ordeal as we're used to. or fit happened in previous years. >> this festival will be held over there. for $10 you can get in and see action on the big screen. there will be food, wine for sale. you cannot watch the action on the break because it's too dangerous on that beach. several years ago a huge wave swept the beach seriously injuring several people. on a personal note i used to surf but it was aw07cñ long boa. v nt lift the board anymore but i will be there in spirit.
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>> i don't believe that. you're still young, vic. >> sounds like weather will cooperate. >> dude, you're right. >> like, totally. >> yes. >> ilts becoming cooperative. here is a live view. what a beautiful late afternoon and early evening. here is a look we have cloud free sky now. we did have haze around today. declining quality but a lovely day z looks like a lovely evening as well. temperatures now into low to mid-50s. down to 49 degrees in fairfield which was ourqa cold spot. these are the features looking for clear, chilly conditions again tonight. another spare the air day tomorrow, milder days continuing tomorrow, throughout the weekend into early next week.
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beach hazard advisory in effect. expecting eight to 10 feet waves, sneaker waves possible. these are some of the areas included in this advisory. to low temperatures tonight dropping down to 28 in fairfield and cold in other locations, too. lows of 30 in>m fairfiel fairfield -- vallejo, rather. and napa. 31 in concord. 32 degrees there. we'll see hide mid to4s[! upper 30s in other locations. air quality will be poor in the inland east bay and we'll see moderate air quality at best in south bay and santa clara valley. to the satellite image showing this big ridge of high pressure we started to show thu a couple days ago,
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building in, deflecting jet stream well north. we'll have sunny skies for the next several days, and warming trend continues. it's getting milder each day. we'll see high temperatures in mid-60s by the weekend. and let's talk about how dry it's been for january. yes. san francisco did have over three tenths of an inch and a trace and 100 on the 9th but it's been dry ask will continue to be. sunny skies here in san francisco. and foremost of the bay area. high temperatures tomorrow into south bay, sunny skies, low to mid-60s, 62 san jose and cupertino. low 60s on the peninsula. and mountain view. upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 59 degrees tomorrow, north bay highs low 60s in napa and sonoma. santa rosa. 62 in oakland. 61 san leeand dro. inland east
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bay, upper 50s to around 606789 here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-60s around the bay by friday. the pattern continues through the weekend. we'll see temperatures moderating just a little bit next week but it's a lovely week ahead. >> thank you still to come new hope for parents whose children are diagnosed with autism. >> that is coming up here, then, beat hig cost of skiing. where you can find best deals on everything from lodging to lift tickets.
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a new glimmer of hope in the battle against autism. a small, controversial study found some children diagnosed early can actually grow out of the disorder by the time they're adults. all of the children had a relatively mild form of ought skbrism a higher iq receiving intensive therapies and
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support. skeptics say they may have just been misdiagnosed. the research funded by national institutes of health. >> a new report says state of california is not doing enough to curb tobacco use. american lung association released it's report today. california got high marks for protecting people from secondhand smoke but say the state gets an f for frailing to raise cigarette taxes in 12 years two. cities are doing well in the fight against smoking. lung association gave both san francisco ask oakland b grades for efforts. >> shark fans line up to get in on what is left of the hockey condition. >> that isf÷f=# right. now, you can get tickets too,. >> and jimmy kimmel's guests
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coming up at 6:00 the practices of wells fargo bank
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coming under fire. why some groups are calling for an investigation of a bank program that one woman calls a debt trap. >> and come together rescue of an endangered speesy. why a group saying not enough of being done to keep the sierra red fox from becoming extinct. >> what a beautiful animal. thank you. see you at 6:00. >> san jose sharks are sharpening skates for nhl season. >> vitd game tickets went on sale today. >> a numbed wrist band system used to organize lines at the box office. >> tickets available online and over the phone. >> sharks open sunday in calgary. first home game is on thursday. >> world news is next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we a
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this is "world news." tonight, hostage crisis. american workers kidnapped by terrorists. and abc's martha raddatz reports on the tense situation still unfolding. >> by all indications, this is a terrorist act. taking sides. a torrent of reaction to the president's gun proposal. >> exploitation of a very tragic and sad event. >> where do we stop? >> the nra drawing the obama daughters into the middle of the debate. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? duped. tragic love story or hoax? football hero manti te'o, did his famous girlfriend even exist or was he taken for a cruel ride in the biggest catfish tale ever? and energy drinks. the big increase of people going to the emergency room. what's happening? and our own experiment on what caffeine does to your body.

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